How to Dress a Bed?

A bed is the main part of the living room and when someone enters our room, the first thing that his/her eyes notice is the bed. Secondly, a bed is a place where we spend most of our time such as while taking a nap, watching television, reading books, playing video games, and most importantly sleeping. We spent most of our time at such a place of our home where we find much comfort and peace. Thus, dressing your bed in a proper way is a must to keep your entire living room’s look beautiful as well as for a better night’s sleep.

how to dress a bed

Some people hire beauticians for dressing their bed and start wondering how they make the bed look so elegant and proper. Well, you can also dress your bed just like the beauticians by keeping some ideas in your mind.

Read below steps to find how to dress a bed :

1) Firstly use a fitted sheet

A fitted sheet is the base layer of the bed, select a nice colored fitted sheet like white, black, yellow, etc. and then place it on the bed in a proper way. I am a hot sleeper that’s why I used a cotton sheet which is a cooling sheet if you are a hot sleeper you can use cotton, linen, or silk which is the best type of sheets for hot sleepers.

I have a question from you all, do you fold your fitted sheets or just put them like a ball at the backside of the cupboard. I did the same earlier, but I got a trick and now I fold my fitted sheets in just two minutes.

2) Add euro shams for tallness

Now add 2-4 euro shams for providing proper tallness to the bed and also put some fluffy cushions, try to keep the sheets and cushions color same as to give a decent look to the bed.

3) Then put a throw

A throw is the best bedding for dressing the bed, it gives a stylish look to the bed’s decoration. Place it on the end side of the bed, a throw is smaller than a blanket and it also provides you comfort.

4) Now add a duvet cover

Now add a duvet cover or quilt to the bed. Make sure that the highest point of the quilt remains at the top and the bottom of the quilt falls under the sleeping bed. In this way, your bed will look splendid.

how to dress a bed
how to dress a bed

5) Add some more bedding

You can also use a comforter, flat sheets, coverlet, bed skirt, toss cushions along with the fitted sheets, euro shams, fluffy cushions, throw, quilt, and a duvet cover for making the bed look amazingly perfect. For adding pillowcases to my bed, I used white pillow cases in bulk, as you see I needed more pillows for making the bed beautiful. I believe that colors impact mood and life that is why I always choose colors for my bedroom according to the color of each month.

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